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Coffee machines Saeco Talea
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 Автоматичские Coffee machines Saeco Talea

Coffee-machine Saeco Talea is modelling of some Saeco 2006-2007 Automatic coffee makers Saeco Talea have essential differences from the previous models of coffee-machines Saeco and other manufacturers of similar technics. Difference of new models consists not only in design. By development and during tests by company Saeco some tens new inventions have been registered.
Now coffee machine Saeco prepare for espresso, as professional coffee-machines. Easy in use interfaces of management and service, SBS Saeco (system of adjustment of pressure in coffeemaker block), lift system of a support for utensils - only small visible part new, not only fashionable, and and very important and useful innovations. Smooth lines of design Saeko Talea - admiration for your eyes. These fully automatic coffee makers will allow you to enjoy everything, that you wish to receive from preparation and the use of coffee, beginning from a simple touch to the control panel up to gentle velvet espresso and cappuccino.

Coffee machines Saeco Talea prepare for espresso dense and fragrant with fine dense float 
Silent coffee grinder with ceramic millstones 
The case of a coffee maker with elements of a noise isolation 
The demountable served device of preparation 
System SBS - adjustment of pressure in system of preparation for adjustment of a fortress of coffee 
The distance from delivery up to a dispenser is regulated over a wide range so, that it is possible to put a high glass under latte (system TOUCH LIFT) 
The strict control of a water level 
Smooth adjustment of a grinding 
The compact sizes of a coffee maker and very fine design 

Кофе-машинны Saeco Talea

Авторизованный дилер Saeco

  • Кофемашинны Saeco Talea готовят эспрессо густой и ароматный с прекрасной плотной пенкой
  • Тихая кофемолка с керамическими жерновами
  • Корпус с элементами шумоизоляции
  • Съемное обслуживаемое устройство приготовления
  • Система SBS - регулировка давления в системе приготовления для регулировки крепости кофе
  • Расстояние от поставки до диспенсера регулируется в широких пределах так, что можно ставить высокий бокал под латтэ (система TOUCH LIFT)
  • Строгий контроль уровня воды
  • Плавная регулировка помола
  • Компактные размеры и прекрасный дизайн

Coffee machine Saeco Talea - professional espresso pressing of one button. The design developed BMW DesignworksUSA is absolutely new, pleasing an eye and, something can even, unearthly. The new line automatic espresso coffee machine shows last innovations Saeco and new fashionable tendencies, including a ceramic coffee grinder, SBS, lift system of a drip's tray and the control panel. These machines also enter new Island of Milk, for automatic beating milk which will allow to create with ease delightful cappuccinos and lattes on 2 or three portions simultaneously . As all completely automatic coffee of machine Saeco, a coffee maker of line Talea are completely programmed and guarantee preparation of fine coffee.



2  года гарантии на кофемашины Saeco и Spidem

Вручение кофеварок Saeco
кофе, кофемашины Saeco, Spidem
и кофе на кубке Horse.ru

Настоятельно рекомендуем покупать кофемашины Saeco только у официальных партнеров Saeco с гарантией 2 года
(список официальных дилеров Saeco), т.к.  гарантия не распространяется на контрафактный и заведомо неисправных товар прибывший не из Италии


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